Thursday, April 1, 2010

Another day in the Life

I have alot of blogs that I follow on a daily basis. Most of them are about mother's who have lost their babies to some sort of traumatizing illness or death. I don't know how I find these blogs, or even why I choose to follow them, but my heart bleeds for these mothers. Most of these blogs I have been following over a year and they are still in a deep state of depression and greiving. Other's have moved on and are still somewhat saddned. I try not to think about how I would react if I were in that situation, because that is the main thing I ask God for when I say my prayers everyday. I pray to never let anything be wrong with my children, and never let them suffer in anyway. I know I could never handle losing one of my children. As I have discussed with my husband already, God forbid, if anything should ever happen to one of my kids, just bury me right next to them because I could never survive it. I get sick seeing what these womwn are going through on the internet. I can't even imagine what they are really fighting the other 23 1/2 hours that we don't see them. It's awful. These poor children at St. Jude's Children's Hospital fighting for their tiny little lives every day. I pray that God heals them all. I wish they didn't have to suffer and die. I donate monthly to the St. Jude Hospital Foundation, but I feel like I could do more. My stomache just flops when I see those children. Tears fill my eyes. Those have to be the strongest people ever! They really are my heroes. And when my kids get a little whiny and out of line, and complain that they don't have or they want, I show them the picture's I have on the refrigerator of some of the children at St. Jude that are fighting for their lives. I tell them that those children don't have the strength to go outside and play, or can't go home and be with their brother/sister's. They can't go to the park or to the store or play basketball or Karate. They are confined to a bed all the time because they are sick and don't even know if they are going to live to see their next Birthday or not. It usually strikes a nerve. Makes them realize what is important. For a little while, anyway. I just hope that these children know that there are people out there that truly care about them and want the best for them. God Bless all children...even mine!


Megan said...

they are in my prayers, too. I often wonder why I read some of them - they give me nightmares, but I feel for the moms so much. It's like you want to do or say something that might aleviate their pain for just a moment.

Keepingupwiththekietas said...

I do comment on most of them, God knows they probably don't read them, but it makes ME feel better knowing I said what was in my heart. You are a good soul Megan. I am glad we met. Must have been God knowing I needed a friend. Thank you for That!