Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tis' the Season!

Hello again, or should I say, "It's that time again!" Time to be stressed, tired, over worked and underpayed! The malls are crazy, the traffic is awful, and nobody knows what the heck to buy anybody! How great is Christmas! I began to wrap presents today. I started out nice and neat and by the time I got to the 20th gift or so, it got to be pretty sloppy. Why is that? It seems like such a waste to spend so much time and effort on wrapping a beautiful gift when it gets ripped to shredds and thrown in the garbage! I have been planning the menu for Christmas Eve dinner. I last counted at 38 people coming. I have a big house, but not that big! I set up the formal dining room, the eat-in kitchen, and the foyer with tables and chairs, and it STILL not enough room for everyone. This year, maybe we will eat in shifts! Ha! Ha! I plan dinner around 4:30 or so, giving everyone time to eat and mingle, open gifts and go home! By that time, I am ready for some kind of hard liquor. My memories of Christmas are the same every year, which have become "the tradition". We are very grateful to have everyone together for the eve of Christmas which also is my Anniversary. What better gift on a wedding anniversary than . . . FAMILY! Happy eating!!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

MY Ex-Wife . . .

I call her MY Ex-wife. Why? Because I am the one who has to deal with her EVERY day. To give you a quick run down of the situation, My husband was married to HER and they have two children together. She ventured out about eight months after their second child was born, to see if the grass was greener on the other side. When she found out it was not, she wanted to waltz back into mother and wife hood and pick up where she left off. My husband and I agree on one thing . . . trust and honesty. Once you have broken that, it can't be rekindled. His family, on the other hand, thought he should forgive and forget. I have been fighting for my place in this family for five years now..she is and probably always will be a thorn in my side. I swear it has affected me mentally, deally with her on a daily basis. For awhile, I spoke to her every day, until she copped an attitude towards me. I listened to the down-putting of my in-laws, my husband and even her own mother and grandmother. Once it was directed toward me, I cut all ties to communication. It is alot more peaceful now and she still cals everyday, but I do not answer. I swore when I was a young adult to NEVER marry anyone with an ex-wife or children. But when you get older, that becomes very difficult to find. So, you see now, why I call her MY ex-wife. To all of those womwn who have ex-wives . . . Cheers!!!

The twelve days of Christmas

Hello fellow blog readers, I am here to remind you that there is only 13 days until the Eve of Christmas! If anyone is hurried, stressed, tired and losing hair then you are on my team! I have been trying to clean, cook, send cards, find presents, wrap presents, and keep sane each and every day. No wonder they say people become depressed after the Holidays. I think your body is so used to being stressed out and tense, that when it is all said and done, and you get the first load of mail out of the mailbox after the first of the year, you feel like crying when you see the balances on ALL those credit cards!!!! I have braced myself in advance this year, so I don't pass out on the foyer floor when I do open the damaging envelopes. I have approximately one million people coming to dinner Christmas Eve. It is also my third wedding Anniversary. We picked Christmas Eve to get married so that each and every year we could feel the love with our families and celebrate our union as a family. . . the kicker? We have yet to get a "Happy Anniversary!" from anyone. Either no one remembers or does not care to remember for fear they might have to get ANOTHER gift! It is really quite sad. But hey, MY mom and dad always acknowledge it, so in my eyes, that is all that matters. Merry Christmas all!!!!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Depressing Winter

Is it me, or is everyone getting a case of cabin fever? I am counting the days until springtime! It seems I have gone into hybernation. Not much to look forward to. My little boy has come to me daily stating that he wants to go in "car-car". Sometimes I bundle him up and go outside. With only weeks to go until the Christmas holiday, I am trying to prep for our big Christmas Eve dinner. It is our Anniversary, so most of our families join us for dinner. It's probably the greatest day of the year to have everyone together. Hope all goes well!

My Introduction

Hello, My name is Shannon and I am trying to understand this whole blog issue. Seems everytime I create one, I cannot find it again! So, here I go again . . . I am married to a wonderful man Dave, we will be married three years on Christmas Eve. I have one son, Nico William who is 2 1/2, and two step-sons; David and Jacob. I am a SAHM by choice so I can raise my son. I have waited many years to have a child and I don't want to miss a thing! I am a Phlebotomist and met my husband at the local hospital where we worked. He is nurse and I worked in the laboratory. We are trying for baby no.2 to complete our family. Hopefully I can keep you all busy reading my blogs! See you soon!