Monday, January 21, 2008

Where for art thou spring?

I honestly cannot take one more day of below zero weather! I am so depressed that I could care less if I get out of bed. I have never felt this crappy my whole life. I drag myself out of bed and put on a happy face, for my son. It is so hard to get through the days anymore! I am sure it is hormones and adjusting to all of the pain that has stricken me since abruptly stopping the meds I was taking. I feel like a 90 year old woman with arhtritis. My chest feels like it is caving in, my boobs hurt, my stomache and female parts feel like they are gong to fall out at any given time and I run to the bathroom with everything that comes within 5 feet of my mouth, but hey, I should be estatic that I am going to be a mommy again, right? I am sure these bad days will pass. I am after all, only 6 weeks 4 days. Why can't we be like cats and have our young in 9 weeks???? Only 8 more months to go!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

On the roller coaster again!

Hey guys, it's been a little while, so I'll catch you all up. On Jan.4, I found out I am preggers! It was totally unexpected? Why? It's not like we were being careful or that I do not know where babies come from. I think it's just that we have been trying since last summer and no luck. So, on Dec. 21, Dave and I went to his Christmas Party at work, had some special concocted drinks . . . Okay, alot of concocted drinks, and came home and passed out! So, please tell did this happen? Emaculate conception? I'm only kidding! I am starting to accept it now, not having a choice to, and from time to time getting a little excitied. Hey, my youngest is only 2 1/2 and it takes all I have to keep up with him everyday. I know I will be fine, and once I have the heart attack that has been trying to take over my chest, I will be able to breathe deeply again a focus on what's important! Today I am almost 6 weeks, I was 4 weeks when I found out! The hardest part so far, withdrawling from all the arthritis meds I was taking. When I found out it was Friday afternnon. By the time the numbness wore off, the doctor's offices were closed. So, I just flat out quit taking all the meds. Good choice for someone who has worked in a health field for 20 years eh? I panicked and didn't want to do anything to harm my child. As time goes by, I will keep y'all posted. Keep praying for me and my sanity.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Same time, next year!

Hello all,
Well, I can proudly say that I survived the entire Holiday Season! I even have all of the Christmas decorations down and put away. I have not had time to sit and think about 2007. Frankly, I was thrilled to ring in a whole new year! It just did not seem like Christmas this year. Usually I say that every year and by the time Christmas Eve rolls around, I am already excited. This year that anticipation of waiting for that "thrill" never came! I'm not sure why. I hate feeling that way, for I should be blessed that I have my family around me, healthy children, a great husband and a beatuful home. I think I am still exhausted from moving twice in one month last summer! Hopefully 2008 is a prosperous and healthy one! I wish you all health, wealth and love for the new year!!!