Monday, May 31, 2010

Sick Little Kids

Nico has been complaining of headaches lately. Because I read so many blogs of people who have lost their children from so many freak accisents and scary diseases, I have been up all night thinking of the worst. I am sure it is a sinus infection. Of course, this shit ALWAYS happens on a weekend or a Holiday...WHY???? I want to take him to the ER, but my husband says wait it out. Why are men so calm when it comes to their children being sick??? I stayed up all night checking on him, while he slept like a baby. WTF??? Please pray for me that it is only a sinus infection and that his fever and headaches do NOT return today. May everyone have a nice, peaceful Memorial mine will be memorable I am sure!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Real Housewives of Connellsville!!!

Just thinking about that title has me rolling on the ground! Can you picture that show??? I am addicted to all the Housewive show's. First it was O.C. Then I started watching N.Y. NOW, I am hooked on N.J. The only one I don't watch is Atlanta. The show (all of them) are so catty), that it is pathetic. But how can you NOT needless to get addicted? Especially when there is NOTHING else on TV? My husband does on-line school, so, he is pre-occupied for those hours in the evening. But, I really do need to be more productive, like write the children's book that I always dreamed of writing for my kids. It's just by the end of the day, my brain shuts off because I am so exhausted. :(
I really DO need to get off my dead rear and get something accomplished. Good luck to me~

Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Birthday My Baby Boy!

Well, Yesterday was my son, Nico's fifth Birthday. It's hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that he is 5 years old! Typical mom word's, "It feel's like yesterday that I brought him home from the hospital!!!" We had a party for him at a local party place for kids. It was pricey, but fun. Of course, I am used to feeding the entire clan, which includes my husbands ten generation's, which he still has both grandparents alive (lucky bastard), and Aunts and Uncles, cousins, great- cousins-thier get the idea. My family consists of my mom, dad, and niece. Sad huh? Anyhoo, This place charges $2.00 for one drink, $1.00 for a small cup of ice cream (the one's you get at the convenient store for 25 cents), and $10.00 for a plain pizza.($2.00) each additional topping. So I opted to pay for kids only. How cheap did I sound? Obviously pretty much so. If I were to pay for everyone's meal, I would have been stuck with a $3-400.00 bill!!! I can't afford that! I have four kids to feed. My bill came to $140.00 and there were 9 kids there. 5 didn't show (Thank Goodness) it would have broke me! It's so sad what people charge these days. I would have been better off to have the party at home and made food for everyone. From now on, it will be. I thought I would save the wear and tear of my house (and stress), but in the long run, it's always better to have things at home. All in all, it turned out nice for Nico, he had fun, got alot of nice gifts...and sang karioke. THAT itself was worth the money! I would pay any amount of money to see my kids smile... and to keep them small!!!! I love you sweet baby boy, I hope you had the best Birthday ever!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Tribute to Mother's Day...

There are so many WONDERFUL Mom's out there with so many different titles. Some have lost children, Some are raising children on their own, some are raising alot of children with the help of a spouse, and some have children who have grown and left the nest. I have encountered so many different people who have different "love" for children lately.
I read alot of blogs and comment on alot of different findings. My heart seems to go out to the women who's children have been taken from them for some reason or another, too soon. I couldn't imagine not having my children here with me on Mother's Day, or any other day for that matter. I find these women remarkably strong and true. Somehow they have found the strength to go on. My mother is one of those women. My sister passed away Janurary 2009. This was the 2cnd Mother's Day without her. She hides her pain very well. I know how much she hurts. How deep the wound is. I know how sick I feel. I can only begin to imagine how she must feel, it being her child.
Mother's Day took on a whole new meaning, of course, when I had my kids. It became "my day". I look forward to it each year. It gives me a sense of accomplishment towards my kids. I am very proud of my children and step-children. Proud of who they are and who they are becoming. I can only hope that someday they feel that I played a small role in their accomplishments, for my entire world revolves around them. Before my son was born almost 5 years ago, I swore I would return to work full time after my maternity leave. Once I held him in my arms for the first time, my entire world changed...forever! I have never been the same since, and needless to say, have never returned to work! LOL. Now I have my daughter, too. It is such a honor to watch them grow and learn and be able to be the one to teach them everything they know. I am very blessed to be "able" to stay home with them and see every milestone. I believe it really makes a difference. I remember my mom ALWAYS being home when I was at school. ALWAYS being there when I needed her, wether it was if I was sick, sad, happy, whatever. It was such a secure feeling. Home was always where I wanted to be, even to this day. I love my home, and I have passed on that comfort to my children because we will be out somewhere and they will say, "Mom, Is it time to go home yet? We want to go home!" I am glad they love their home. It's a goal I strive for and accomplished. So, thanks Mom for instilling so many wonderful qualities in me and passing on your great mothering ways. I love you for all the time you have wrapped up in me over the last 40 years. No amount of gratitiude could ever show...but then again, your mom and mom just knows! I LOVE YOU and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!