Monday, December 14, 2009

Our Concert Night

Boo Hoo!
That is what I say! I am P-O-ed! First off, we got ripped on our seats. I ordered Orchestra seats. At Hienz Hall, this means RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE STAGE PEOPLE!! Where were we? 25 rows back! Maybe even further. I was so furious I couldn't even enjoy the concert. Oh no, wait, maybe that was because they were head-banging the whole damn time! Yeah, Chris Botti is SO Loyal to his bandmates,, that he actually lets them have the majority of the time on stage to play their instruments "solo". Hell, I listenend to the funky black guitar bass player jam MORE than I heard the trumpeteer. That, my friend, is sad. Especially when you pay an arm and a leg for tickets. No Christmas music, no variety, and no pictures! We have been following this jerk since he started out YEARS ago when he was NOBODY and NOTHING! He had all the time in the world to stand there and shoot the breeze then. Now he is a big name, he doesn't have the time for his faithful fans who have been with him from the beginning. Bleh to you Mr. Trumpet player. See if we come to see you again!

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