Thursday, December 10, 2009

If I were Tiger Woods' Wife

Oerh Man, I get more mad as the number's go up! What are we on now 14? 15? It is phenominal the amount of women this PIG has been with and unprotected at that! If that were my husband, he would be searching high and low for the pieces of what would be left of what used to be his penis! Only Lorena Bobbitt would be an angel in disquise compared to MOI! After I was done with him...Sex would be the LAST thing on his mind...EVER!! I feel for his wife, in a way, but the biggest part of me wants to haul off and smack her as hard as I can. Any woman who truly knows her husband would be able to tell in a heartbeat if he were cheating on her with another woman, let alone 15 of them! To bring two children into this world with a man as unstable as this one, no matter how much money he is worth is unspeakable. And I am here to tell you, if the dumbass stays with him for a certain amount of money...she deserves anything she gets, even if it is an STD. God help the children! God help you Tiger...your going down!!!!!

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