Tuesday, December 8, 2009

And the festivities begin...

Tonight is the night!
We, here at the Kieta's, are decorating the tree! Brace yourselves, because you may hear me screaming from wherever part of town you are reading this from. I kid you not, my daughter thinks she owns the house, let alone tree! I remember when Nico was Abbie's age, we only had decorations from half way up! It was PATHETIC! Last night we celebrated my Mother-in-laws Birthday. She looks good for (I say 49). It's hard to believe my siblings are alot older than my mother-in-law! They are great people. I am very lucky to be a part of such a wonderful family. I don't think my husband realizes how blessed he is to have such a nice, NORMAL family. HELL, he still has his GRANDPARENTS! Do you know what I would give to have my Gram back with me? Lucky man and takes it all for granted. All I have is my Mom and Dad and one niece. That's it! End of story, end of family! So sad!
Well, another thing to p-me off before the Holidays... my sweeper died last night. Yes I know I have OCD and I run my sweeper EVERY DAY, BUT isn't a sweeper supposed to last longer than a year. Especially when you pay an arm and a leg or two for the damn thing! I swear people, I am marching to Wal Mart and buying the cheapest sweeper with a BAG I can find! Eureka, come on down and come on home to mama! I have had Eureka's before that have lasted for ten- fifteen years! What is going on anymore. Same with lights. You buy a set of Christmas lights, two days later...burned out!!! Arrrggghhh! I'm not sure if I am getting older and my patience level is getting smaller or the world just plain sucks! Wish me luck in the tree decorating department. Pray we come out alive! Joy to the world!!!

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