Sunday, December 27, 2009

I did it... I survived!!!

I am here to tell you that I have officially survived the Holiday season! And nonetheless, all went smooth. I only broke down once. I kept myself pretty drunk and drugged up too, does that count? No? Bite me!
I wanted to hit the stores on the day after Christmas for some sales for next year, but I don't know what I was lower on, energy or cash. Mix em together and I was at rock bottom. The kids LOVED their MP4's and Nico got an ant farm...thanks Dad and Tereasa!! That's a good diet! I have the little buggers plugged in the kitchen counter. So everytime I want to go grab a bite to eat...nah! I was disappointed however, my sister-in-law and nephews didn't come to dinner. They were greatly missed. I do understand the Dean being uncomfortable. Hell, if I could not go to something when I feel uncomfortable, I would NOT be in the marriage! HA!
I must have been a real good girl this year! I got a pair of boots, a pair of white gold earrings, a tart burner, a new Ipod, and more. My mom got Dave and I a new Bun Coffee pot for our Anniversary. LOVIN' IT! Thanks Mom and Dad! All in all, we had a good Christmas...but I am glad it's over! Woohoo only 363 days until the next one! Not a moment too soon!

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