Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy 5th Anniversary, My Love

I remember laying eyes on you for the first time, almost seven years ago. I thought you were so strikingly handsome and smart. I NEVER would have thought you would have been interested in ME! I was minding my own business drawing blood in the ER when I was approached by Dawnetta asking me to go on a date with you. I was apprehensive at first, because I was dating a loser at the time. So I agreed to "a tea date" with you per Linda and that was it. From that moment was bliss! Well, until you do something stupid (BITA), which you sometimes you have a bad case of. But all in all, you are an amazing husband, friend and father. I won't go any further because that is private! I love you for all you are and am so very proud of you for all of your accomplishments! You strive to make our family better and we have become such a close, loving family. I am so glad we had Nico and Abbie to make our family complete. Especially Abbie to give you the little girl to soften your edges. I love you so, so much and 5 years seems like 5 days. The next 50 years are going to fly by quickly just as the last 7 did. I hope we get to sneak away for at least 10 minutes today to crack a bottle of champaigne, make a toast, steal a kiss, and go about our merry way in mad rush of Christmas chaos! Happy Anniversary and Merry Christmas my love, I hope we survive it!!!

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