Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Let the festivities begin...

Well, yesterday was the first day for alot of things!
1. First day of West Virginia rifle hunting.
2. First day I started decorating for Christmas.
3. First time ever my son actually tried to eat Buck meat! Bleh! He ate a slim jim Dave had made from the doe he shot a few weeks ago. YUCK!!!
4. First time I actualy threw sets of lights away when I plugged them in and the didn't work. Usually I make Dave fix them fo hours, only to have to take them back offin a week and put new ones on again anyway. So, plug them in, don't work. THROW THEM OUT!!! By new!
So, I got a good bit done last night, but Abbie was being so clingy, I couldn't work the way I wanted to. So hopefully today, I will get a little more done. BAhhumbug!

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