Saturday, November 21, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree...

As the Holidays come creeping up on me, really fast, as they always do. I go and agree to have a Tupperware party on Sunday. Amisdst the craziness of everything ELSE I have to do, clean the house in particular for the decorating of the Christmas Tree, we have decided to start a NEW family tradition this year. We are going to bundle the kids up, venture out and chop down a 9 foot, Blue spruce tree. I am sue it will be worth it, but I am afraid my littlest munchkin won't leave it alone. She is only 15 months old! A perfect age to ransack all my decor. Which is why I am usually decorated by now, but this year I am waiting a few weeks longer. It's a few weeks less stress, RIGHT? I am sure the tree will be beautiful when it is done, but the question of the day is, How long will it stay that way? I remember when Nico was her age. My tree only had decorations on it from halfway up. It was the most hiddeous looking tree you would ever lay eyes on. We will see hoe it everything else, wish me luck!

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