Wednesday, January 16, 2008

On the roller coaster again!

Hey guys, it's been a little while, so I'll catch you all up. On Jan.4, I found out I am preggers! It was totally unexpected? Why? It's not like we were being careful or that I do not know where babies come from. I think it's just that we have been trying since last summer and no luck. So, on Dec. 21, Dave and I went to his Christmas Party at work, had some special concocted drinks . . . Okay, alot of concocted drinks, and came home and passed out! So, please tell did this happen? Emaculate conception? I'm only kidding! I am starting to accept it now, not having a choice to, and from time to time getting a little excitied. Hey, my youngest is only 2 1/2 and it takes all I have to keep up with him everyday. I know I will be fine, and once I have the heart attack that has been trying to take over my chest, I will be able to breathe deeply again a focus on what's important! Today I am almost 6 weeks, I was 4 weeks when I found out! The hardest part so far, withdrawling from all the arthritis meds I was taking. When I found out it was Friday afternnon. By the time the numbness wore off, the doctor's offices were closed. So, I just flat out quit taking all the meds. Good choice for someone who has worked in a health field for 20 years eh? I panicked and didn't want to do anything to harm my child. As time goes by, I will keep y'all posted. Keep praying for me and my sanity.

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