Monday, January 21, 2008

Where for art thou spring?

I honestly cannot take one more day of below zero weather! I am so depressed that I could care less if I get out of bed. I have never felt this crappy my whole life. I drag myself out of bed and put on a happy face, for my son. It is so hard to get through the days anymore! I am sure it is hormones and adjusting to all of the pain that has stricken me since abruptly stopping the meds I was taking. I feel like a 90 year old woman with arhtritis. My chest feels like it is caving in, my boobs hurt, my stomache and female parts feel like they are gong to fall out at any given time and I run to the bathroom with everything that comes within 5 feet of my mouth, but hey, I should be estatic that I am going to be a mommy again, right? I am sure these bad days will pass. I am after all, only 6 weeks 4 days. Why can't we be like cats and have our young in 9 weeks???? Only 8 more months to go!!

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