Monday, May 31, 2010

Sick Little Kids

Nico has been complaining of headaches lately. Because I read so many blogs of people who have lost their children from so many freak accisents and scary diseases, I have been up all night thinking of the worst. I am sure it is a sinus infection. Of course, this shit ALWAYS happens on a weekend or a Holiday...WHY???? I want to take him to the ER, but my husband says wait it out. Why are men so calm when it comes to their children being sick??? I stayed up all night checking on him, while he slept like a baby. WTF??? Please pray for me that it is only a sinus infection and that his fever and headaches do NOT return today. May everyone have a nice, peaceful Memorial mine will be memorable I am sure!


gorillabuns said...

I'm sure it is sinuses. Get him into the doctor tomorrow unless he is running a high fever - then go to the ER.

Hope you enjoy your holiday!

Megan said...

Where'd you go, Shannon?