Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Real Housewives of Connellsville!!!

Just thinking about that title has me rolling on the ground! Can you picture that show??? I am addicted to all the Housewive show's. First it was O.C. Then I started watching N.Y. NOW, I am hooked on N.J. The only one I don't watch is Atlanta. The show (all of them) are so catty), that it is pathetic. But how can you NOT needless to get addicted? Especially when there is NOTHING else on TV? My husband does on-line school, so, he is pre-occupied for those hours in the evening. But, I really do need to be more productive, like write the children's book that I always dreamed of writing for my kids. It's just by the end of the day, my brain shuts off because I am so exhausted. :(
I really DO need to get off my dead rear and get something accomplished. Good luck to me~

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