Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's time to clean out the crap!

It's spring time again, and here, that means YARD SALE! Every May, the first Saturday is dedicated to a community yard sale. It's pretty neat because everyone knows it's coming. No need to advertise, come rain or shine, it is on! Well, I kind of wish they would have made it for the END of May when the weather was a little more predictable. New York just got a foot of snow yesterday. It's been really cold at night here in PA. Dropping to about 30 degrees. BRRRR. So on Saturday morning, I have to get my aching but up at 4 am, truck out into the 30 degree weather, and set up for this yard sale. Last year we cleared almost a thousand dollars by noon.
I was sorting through all the baby things, Abby's baby things, and I can't believe she is out of the "baby stage"! She will be 20 months old on May 4! Gosh, how time is flying by. My sister has been gone for 14 months already and I still feel like it's a bad dream. I still talk to her every day, yell at her when something falls in the house, because I know she is there with me at times. I miss her sooo much I think my heart is going to break. No one should have to grow old without their siblings. I try to pound into my kids heads every day how blessed they are to have each other. And never -ever take it for granted...because you never know what tomorrow holds.


gorillabuns said...

Happy Birthday to your little one and prayers to you for your sis. you are right, no one should have to live without their sibling.

Keepingupwiththekietas said...

Thanks Shana..
It wasan absolutle amazingly wonderful surprise to see your comment here! Hope you keep stopping by. Luv Ya!