Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tis' the Season!

Hello again, or should I say, "It's that time again!" Time to be stressed, tired, over worked and underpayed! The malls are crazy, the traffic is awful, and nobody knows what the heck to buy anybody! How great is Christmas! I began to wrap presents today. I started out nice and neat and by the time I got to the 20th gift or so, it got to be pretty sloppy. Why is that? It seems like such a waste to spend so much time and effort on wrapping a beautiful gift when it gets ripped to shredds and thrown in the garbage! I have been planning the menu for Christmas Eve dinner. I last counted at 38 people coming. I have a big house, but not that big! I set up the formal dining room, the eat-in kitchen, and the foyer with tables and chairs, and it STILL not enough room for everyone. This year, maybe we will eat in shifts! Ha! Ha! I plan dinner around 4:30 or so, giving everyone time to eat and mingle, open gifts and go home! By that time, I am ready for some kind of hard liquor. My memories of Christmas are the same every year, which have become "the tradition". We are very grateful to have everyone together for the eve of Christmas which also is my Anniversary. What better gift on a wedding anniversary than . . . FAMILY! Happy eating!!!!

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