Friday, January 22, 2010


I have survived yet another surgery of my mother. Each surgery seems to get longer and more agonizing. This one, however, took the cake! We arrived at the hospital at 5:45 as scheduled. Mom was checked in and prepped. We sat with her until they took her up to the OR. Around 6:30, they shooed us out and took her up. At 9am, they paged her doctor overhead. I looked at my dad like WTH? they didn't even start surgery yet? By 11:00, the doctor came down and said she did good and was in recovery. She would probably be in recovery for an hour or two and she could go home. Great! Wonderful! SOOO, my dad says to go to Uniontown and get my back injections (which I have been trying to get for two weeks and couln't seem to get there)and meet them at home. Sure thing! So I proceed to my doctor's appointment. I am leaving my appointment, my cell phone rings, it's dad. They are keeping mom. What???? Why? Her oxygen is low. Great, I'll be back up! Onward with my 30 some mile drive back to Greensburg. I am popping my third Xanax of the day by now. I feel my heart pounding in my ears, my head is splitting, my back is thumping, and my legs are numb. I haven't seen my babies since yeasterday, and I am starving but, hey, I'm on my way! I get to the hospital and she is STILL in the frakin' recovery room!!!!!!!!! By now it is 4:30 pm and we haven't seen her since 6:30 am. I am fuming! My dad is shaking. I am about to flip a dago fit on someone! They tell us she is going to room 400B. We stand outside that room for 35 min. and FINALLY, here she comes. Honestly, do they even give a rats behind about the family in situations like this? We have been at that hospital since 5am and were still there at 5pm. 12 hours for outpatient surgery! Needless to say, I made it through the day, getting home at 6:30pm and dropping over dead! Lord knows what tomorrow holds...maybe I don't want to know!

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