Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year...New Worries!

The year will start off with a bang I am sure! Since it went out with one. We all had some kind of flu bug the last few days of 2009. Nico has allergies, Abbies teething with Molars! Yaaaay! I am ready for the funny farm!
One thing that makes me nervous. My mother is scheduled for shoulder surgery on the 20th of this month. What makes me nervous is the fact that she cannot be off of her aspirin for any amount of time or she will get a blood clot. Last year, she had corotid artery surgery on her neck and had to go off of her aspirin for 5 days. They found a blood clot on her neck the size of a nickel! That is scary! That goodness it was in that side of her neck! I pray to God that he watches over her and keeps her safe through this surgery. I talk to my sister in Heaven all the time and tell her to watch out for mom. I scream at her that she can't have her yet because I am not done with her yet! Should they up my medication yet? Kidding~
No one knows the stress I have been under lately. I can't figure it out myself. Sometimes I find it hard to even breathe. Maybe now that the Holidays are over it will ease up. I hope, because I feel like I am heading for a heart attack. I better go make lunch for my little king! Later!

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